Hot or Cold: Wemark ICO 

By: Ermos Kyriakides I am pleased to announce that after the highly successful “Real World Applications of Cryptocurrencies” series, I will be complementing it with the launch of a new series titled “Hot or Not — An ICO Review” where I will be reviewing upcoming ICOs. For…


Hot or Cold: PowerAgent ICO 

By: Ermos Kyriakides My previous blog post marked the launch of my new blog series “Hot or Cold — An ICO Review” which featured Wemark — a blockchain-based marketplace for digital content, which you can find here. As a follow-up, I will be discussing the PowerAgent ICO which will…


Ethereum or NEO? 

By: Ermos Kyriakides In light of many projects migrating from Ethereum to NEO (i.e. ProjectICO, Narrative, Guardium, and more) for their ICO and/or existing product, today’s most heated topic of discussion in the crypto space is “which is the better of the two.” In this…