16 Ways to Earn Extra Money This Month

If you constantly find yourself short on money, you are at the right place. Fear not. Don’t get overwhelmed. The hardest part is starting. Here are some ways to earn some extra money this month.

1. Watch movie previews

You might have read this and thought that this was a joke. I mean who can make extra money by watching videos on your computer, right? However, there is a website called InboxDollars that pays you to watch short clips online. These clips range from people baking brownies to videos about celebrity gossip. You just have to choose what videos you want to watch and answer a few questions about the videos after you watch them. You won’t make enough money to live on, but it’s something you can do while lying in bed if you are already wasting time on your phone. InboxDollars also pays you in cash–not with points or gift cards like other sites. It takes just one minute to sign up, and after signing up, you will get a $5 bonus. 

2. This app can pay you up to $83 and you can win when you play games on your phone

Many of us already play games on our phones for fun. Why not make money while doing it? A free app called Bubble Cash lets you play for money and you can get paid up to $83 per win. This might sound like a scam, but it isn’t. The game is based on a bubble-shooter format, so you battle against other players at your level to see who can clean the board the fastest. Everyone has the same layout to make it even and the top three players can win real money, ranging from $1 to $83. In addition, there aren’t any ads and the app has more than a million downloads and 4.6 stars. 

3. Put $5 into the stock market and get a $5 bonus

With an app called Stash, you can buy pieces from other companies for as little as $1. You can invest in pieces of big companies like Amazon and Google for as little as $1. If the company does well, you can make a profit. It only takes two minutes to sign up, and all of your investments are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation or SIPC. Once you deposit $5 into your account, Stash will give you a $5 sign-up bonus. 

4. Get paid for your opinion

There are a lot of online survey sites out there right now. However, many of them take forever to pay you. You will have to take tons of surveys before getting any money, and that is only if you qualify for the survey. However, with websites such as Survey Junkie, you can get rewarded even if you don’t qualify. You can also cash out faster and even get paid today. For every survey taken, you get points. After you have earned 500 points, you can cash out and get $5. Many people cash out within a week of signing up and some cash out the same day they sign up. You can choose to accept your money with PayPal, direct deposit, or digital gift cards. 

5. Get free lottery tickets

You can scratch lottery tickets for free with an app called Lucktastic. They release a new assortment of scratch-off tickets each day. Instant wins can range from $1 to $2500 and you can also earn tokens that you can exchange for free gift cards to places like Amazon, Walmart, Sephora, and more. Who wouldn’t want this opportunity for some extra money?

6. Get up to $600 per week to drop off Starbucks

With an app called Doordash, you can pick up and deliver a latte while you’re already out and about yourself. Deliver Chipotle, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s, and more. You can set your own hours with the app and work as many hours as you want. You earn money for each delivery you make plus tips. In addition, there are also no passengers. 

7. Cash in your one dollar bills

Dollar bills with strange serial numbers will get you a lot of extra money from collectors at CoolSerialNumbers.com. For instance, if you have 7 repeating digits in a row on a $1 Federal Reserve Note, if you have 7 of a kind on a $1 Federal Reserve Note, super repeater on $1 Federal Reserve Notes, or double quads on $1 Federal Reserves Notes, you can make money. 

8. Stop deleting your emails

Paribus is an app that gets you money back for your online purchases. It is free to sign up and then it will scan your email for any receipts. If you have purchased something from one of its monitored retailers, it will track the item’s price and help get you a refund if there is a price drop. If your guaranteed shipment shows up late, Paribus can also help you get compensated. 

9. Get $20 the next time you go to the grocery store

Ibotta is an app that pays you for taking pictures of your receipts. Before going to the store, look for the items on your shopping list on the app. When you get home, take a picture of the receipt and scan the barcodes for each of the items. Also, you can then get cashback. Ibotta is free to download and you will receive a $20 sign-up bonus after redeeming your first ten offers within two weeks. You can get cash-back such as $1 back on a box of tea, 25 cents back on strawberries, 50 cents back on frozen fruit snacks. Many aren’t tied to a brand which makes earning cash-back much easier. 

10. Get paid to drink beer

You can get paid to visit breweries and provide anonymous feedback. Through Secret Hopper, you can get paid to shop and drink at breweries. Therefore, They look for detail-oriented beer-drinkers to rate and review their experiences. For instance, if you spend $16 to visit a brewery, you can earn $20 a few days later. 

11. Be a mock juror

You can participate as a mock or surrogate juror in a hotel conference room in order to review the evidence and make a decision to help lawyers prepare for real cases that can make you money. You can even do this online through sites such as OnlineVerdict and eJury. They pay $5 to $60 and can take less than an hour. Any U.S. citizen, person 18 years or older, and a person that has no past felony convictions can apply. Creating an account is free, however, you will have to fill out a questionnaire with questions such as age, marital status, criminal history, income, etc. 

12. Get paid each time you buy toilet paper

With an app called Fetch Rewards, you can earn gift cards for buying toilet paper and more than 250 other items at a grocery store. After downloading the app, you take a picture of your receipt to show that you bought an item from one of the brands that are listed on the app. You can then earn gift cards to places like Amazon. 

13. Clean up search engine mistakes

Search engines usually use complicated algorithms to determine what you see. Sometimes, they don’t get it right so humans need to look at the results and judge them for usefulness and relevance. You can get paid around $12 an hour for doing this. The tech company Lionbridge usually is hiring for jobs like this. 

14. Get paid to lose weight

With the site HealthyWage, you can get paid for losing weight. You sign up and define a goal weight and the time that you want to achieve it in and bet on yourself ranging from $20 to $500 a month. You could win up to $10,000 depending on how much you want to lose and how long you give yourself to do it. 

15. Stream on Twitch

Playing video games can make you extra money. You can get paid to stream yourself playing video games and make money from tipping, ad revenue, and subscriptions. 

16. Sell your thrift store find son eBay

You can make extra money by buying designer clothes for little money and then selling them on eBay to the highest bidder. If you can track down popular labels at a thrift store and then create listings for your items with well-written descriptions and photographs, you can get top dollar. Make sure to look at similar items and what they are selling for and make sure to include costs of shipping and seller fees into the price. 



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