Habits of Rich People. What are the top 1% doing right ?

Habits of Rich People

Ever wondered what affluent individuals do differently than you? Bill Gates and Warren Buffet didn’t become wealthy overnight, but they certainly share some habits that you can mimic.

They Read

Wealthy people tend not to watch tv, but rather spend their time reading. Self education is key to help you grow professionally and as an individual. And with so many books on any topic imaginable, you’ll always have something new to read.

They Set Goals

It’s important to set and stick to your goals. These goals should have deadlines, whether it be tasks for today or things you want to get done in a year. Successful people have to-do lists and organized schedules to help them make sure that they are doing everything they need to do in an orderly fashion.

They Exercise

A Finnish research shows that exercising everyday helps increase that person’s 15-year income. An active person is more likely to have a higher income than that of a person who doesn’t regularly work out.

They Block Out Time for Themselves

Oftentimes people get bogged down with work and don’t schedule in “me” time. You can spend this chunk of time being creative, reading a book, meditating, or whatever else you think will get your mind off of work.

They Network

The main purpose of networking is to grow your professional reach. Being able to talk to different people doing different things helps you widen your own perspective on a wide range of topics. Plus, if you want to change career paths, you can contact some of these people to learn about their work and see if they can help you out.

They Know When to Call it a Day

After a certain period of time, you tend to become less productive. Know when it’s time to head home and start with a clear head tomorrow morning.

They Have a Mentor

A mentor is someone you can openly talk to if you need professional help. They are usually older than you and simply have more experience that they can draw upon. This person can be an alumni from your college or a peer who can simply can help you talk things out. Getting another opinion about a big life decision can help you be more confident about you’re about to do.

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