How To Protect Your Data

Uncle Ben knew what he was talking about…

As Uncle Ben from Spiderman once said, with great data comes with great responsibility. As punny as it may be, protecting your financial assets is nothing to joke about. It takes a keen eye to protect your money in this digital age, but we have some helpful tips to keep your money in check!

Keep an Eye on your Accounts

Keeping an eye on your accounts is SUPER important. Make it a habit to check your balance in your checking account and other accounts you consistently withdraw from, at least once a day. If a fraudulent charge appears, it will be easily cleared through the bank. Just give them a call and explain what happened immediately after you notice something wrong. Charges left unmonitored will be harder to resolve.

Pro tip: The new Vola App lets you keep track of your accounts and alerts you on double charges and fraudulent transactions.

Change up Your Passwords

If you use the same password for your millions of accounts, it’s totally understandable. You’re only human, and it is much easier to not go through the hassle of changing passwords often. Even though it may be convenient, it is setting yourself up for for insecurity. Hackers know how to pull your personal information, including passwords, and can enter it across multiple websites. You can save yourself from this danger by making different passwords for every account that you create.

Take Advantage of Security Features

Next time you get an alert asking if you would like to receive security alerts through email or text message, do not ignore. Say yes! While the temptation to hold off extra texts or notifications might be strong, it is helpful to have a notification every time your account is accessed from an unfamiliar location. 99% of the time, the alert will probably be nothing to fret over. However, when the safety of your money is on the line, it is important to take precautions 100% of the time.

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