Best Youtube Channels for Personal Finance

Youtube is perhaps one of the greatest innovations within the past fifteen years. Today, Spongebob reruns and Congressional hearings are only a few searches apart. We often think of Youtube as comprising of music videos, sport highlights and comedy skits, however, we can also learn a thing or two about personal finance when procrastinating. Here are our favorite channels that cover Personal Finance topics.

1. Good Financial Cents

As a former Financial Planner, Jeff Rose is highly knowledgeable on all topics related to finance—his Youtube channel showcases his brilliance. His videos can provide anyone who wants to make a little bit of extra cash a way to start earning.

2. The College Investor

This channel is great because it provides tips specifically for college students. Paying off student debt is daunting for anyone and Robert Farrington is an expert in relaying potential means to cut out your debt.

3. Young Finances

Latisha is a beloved Youtube star. She has been making videos since 2011, and the novelty of her videos has yet to disappear. She has a quirky way about her that makes budgeting, investing and personal motivation interesting

4. My Fab Finance

The mission of this channel is simple: be financially fabulous. Although it is geared towards women, this channel covers videos for anyone. Topics range from loan payments to vacation tips.

5. HangingWithLeeTV

Simple and funny are synonymous with this channel. Lee provides a plethora advice when making a budget, and does so in a relatable way.

6. Emily Bland

This channel is far from bland. Budgeting is her speciality, but she gives a lot of advice when it comes to living internationally. A diverse range of personal finance topics seem to be appearing in her videos as well.

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