How to Work Remotely: Top 15 Tips and Resources in 2020.

Whether you are currently working remotely, or you are searching for remote work, here are some tips and tricks to improve your work-from-home experience:

Communication is key. In order to maintain good rapport with your peers and superiors, communicate often and effectively. You are not working in the same building, and sometimes you’re not even in the same time zone as your coworkers, managers, and direct reports. Try to have weekly meetings with your team to discuss your progress, your goals, and your concerns.

Create a designated workspace. Try to find an ideal environment for you to work in. Rather than cooping yourself in your bed or on your couch, or in other spaces associated with leisure, you could dedicate a corner of your home to solely working. Make sure to create a space where you feel motivated and comfortable.

Create a routine. Waking up and immediately starting work can be jarring to your consciousness, so having a set morning routine will help you to get into your “work mindset”. Set an alarm to wake up at the same time every day. Shower, brush your teeth, wash your face. Get dressed in nice clothes and try not to work in your pajamas. Treat your morning routine as your “commute” to work.

Find reliable tech. Nothing is worse than losing connection in the middle of a meeting. Try to find a strong WiFi connection and a well-functioning computer. If you have the resources, you can also purchase noise-canceling headphones.

Figure out your work style. Do you like to listen to music while you work? Or do you prefer complete silence? Finding your working style is all about trial and error because we all work in different ways. Do you benefit from making a To-Do List? Or do you like working on impulse? How often do you need to take breaks to maximize productivity?

Know when to take a break. It can be hard to separate work-life from home-life when working remotely. Make sure to exercise, stretch, and eat regularly. Don’t keep yourself glued to the screen because you’ll miss out on important moments in life. Take time for yourself and your family.  Working-at-home gives you flexibility, so cook a healthy lunch or play with your kids during your breaks.

Know when to “log-off”. With remote work, you can get emails at any minute. It’s important to distinguish your “work time” from the rest of your life. Don’t work 24/7 because we all need time to recharge. When you first start working remotely, you might be tempted to work endlessly. But in reality, it’s unsustainable.

Finding Remote Work.

By typing “telecommute” or “remote” into any job board search bar, you are sure to get thousands of listings. Here are a few websites that are highly recommended:

The 3 Best Sites for Finding Remote Work Online: 

Flexjobs has over 50 remote job categories. They offer freelance gigs, to part-time work, to full-time work with positions that vary from entry-level to executive-level. They currently host more than 20,00 pre-screened work-at-home jobs, meaning you don’t have to dig through an endless number of less-reputable postings. hand-curates a list of remote jobs, with positions ranging from developers, to designers, to sales jobs, to virtual assistants. You can also filter out job posting based on job-types. For example, you can filter entry-level potions or teaching potions.

We Work Remotely has a simple layout. They offer all kinds of stay at home jobs, such as customer service positions, freelance opportunities, and virtual assistant positions. We Work Remotely helps over 130,000 users every month to find remote work.

Top 3 General Interest Job Sites:

Indeed has one of the world’s most robust job search engines. In addition to offering in-person positions, Indeed holds over 2,000 remote job listing varying from test-scorers, internships, to customer service representatives.

Career Builder states they are the largest online employment website in the United States. They have over 5,000 part-time, contract, and full-time remote jobs listed on their website.

Idealist, like Indeed and Career Builder, isn’t an exclusively remote job board, but they still offer a plethora of remote job opportunities. By clicking “Remote” under “Locations” you’ll be able to find work in finance, communications, teaching, and more.

Virtual Job Boards with Newsletters:

Working Nomads is a newsletter marketed towards people looking for remote work, or what some people call “digital nomads”. After signing up, you can receive either daily or weekly emails with a curated list of remote jobs.

Remotive is a bi-monthly newsletter for people who are interested in working remotely. In their email, they breakdown their listings into job types, such as sales, marketing, support, etc., to make finding jobs easier for you.


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