Extra Money For Holiday Shopping with Vola
Extra Money for Holiday Shopping

The holidays are one of the most joyous times of the year for sharing love, laughter, and making memories with the people that you love most. However, when money is already tight, adding the stress of shopping for holiday gifts can become overwhelming. Vola is here to help! Our cash advance system can give you the cash you need to survive the holiday season.

Vola offers college students small cash advances that you can request and retrieve directly through our mobile app. Get the money you need to get your shopping done and pay it back when the stress of the season passes. This is a great way to buy the gifts that you have your eye on without having to pick up extra shifts during finals week.

With a small cash advance of up to $500, Vola helps college students get by when they reach a tight spot. The holiday season doesn’t have to be tainted by the stress of wondering where your money is coming from. This allows you to finish out the semester strong, focus on your classes, and enjoy your holidays this December and worry about picking up those extra shifts during syllabus week in January.

Skip the seasonal stress and let Vola cover your holiday shopping this year. Our system is designed for college students who need access to extra money and the opportunity to build a strong credit system. Get started with our app today!

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