How to cook with a few expenses

You’re busy… we get it. Whether it be because of school, friends or dreaded job searching, we often neglect to eat well, if even at all. However, it is extremely important to eat and mapping out the week with scheduled meals should be a necessity for everyone. Here are a few tips to cut expenses when cooking, so when you plan your week you aren’t worried about the cost.

Shop Smart

If the cashier asks the dreaded, “Do you have a rewards card with us”, make sure to sign up. It saves people a lot of money on both generic and brand name products. Also, check out “specialized stores”. Local marketplaces usually have an awesome variety of produce and specialty products.

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Drink Water

Naturally, you may want a sugary drink when you come home after a long day. Juices and soda are expensive and can be easily substituted for water.

Big is Better

Most meat purchases are most cost-efficient when bought in bulk! Next time you’re at your local grocery store think about purchasing a full chicken, instead of just pre-cut chicken breast. As long as you have a freezer, you can make large batches of whatever you cook and have a delicious meal multiple times per week. Spices and other baking supplies should also be bought in bulk!

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