How to Save Money and Still Have a Social Life Pt. 2

Earlier this week, we post 10 ways on how to save money while still having a social life. It can be awkward when our friends want to attend an event or book reservations at a restaurant we can’t possibly afford. As a result, we are unsure of what to do and how to respond. Having to say no can isolate us from social interactions and make us feel bad about ourselves and our finances. So, it’s important to use money-saving hacks that will allow us to partake in the festivities and not feel such financial pressure. There are still many more ways to hang out with your friends without breaking the bank, and if you budget correctly you can even achieve some of your financial goals. Here are 11 more tips to have a social life without going broke:

1. Meet for lunch instead of dinner

Meeting up with friends doesn’t always have to happen in the evening. Dinner entrees are usually more expensive than lunch options. Many places will also offer a lunch special. 

2. Buy drinks by the pitcher

If you and your friends do decide to order drinks, order by the pitcher instead of ordering individual glasses. A $40 pitcher might seem expensive compared to a $9 glass. However, if everyone at the table is drinking, the cost of the pitcher will actually save everyone money. In addition, a pitcher will go further and cost less than ordering individual shots. 

3. Go to flea markets and thrift stores with friends

If you and your friends like to shop, avoid going to high-end stores. Research nearby flea markets, thrift shops, or estate sales. You can spend hours looking at one-of-a-kind products and you might even score a few treasures at a fraction of their original price. Be aware, however, that certain towns or parts of a city will have different products in their stores than in another part of the city. Try looking for thrift stores in a more wealthy part of the city in order to find items that you would find at a high-end store, but at a fraction of the price. Even if you don’t end up buying anything, it will still be an experience as you or exploring and you’ll still have a social life. 

4. Share appetizers

If you are going out to eat with a group of friends or people, choose to share a few appetizers instead of buying individual entrees. You will spend less, but you will still get your fair share of trying different foods. 

5. Use discounted gift cards

There are sites such as Cardpool that let you buy unwanted gift cards from people at a discounted rate. Some cards are as much as 35% off. 

6. Go out on a Monday or Tuesday

Usually Monday and Tuesday nights are quieter for bars and restaurants. Because of this, some will offer specials on those nights. 

7. Drink water before going out

Drinking water will help you to feel more full and you will be more likely to order a smaller meal. In addition, if you drink water in between drinking alcohol, you are more likely to drink less. You will also feel less hung over and dehydrated as well the next morning. 

8. Go to a local production instead of a Broadway play

Broadway musicals and plays, even with discounted tickets, tend to be quite pricey. Instead, find a more local production and support aspiring actors and actresses. Who knows? Someone in the production you saw probably will make it to Broadway. 

9. Skip expensive concerts and go to more intimate shows

Stop going to well-known artist’s concerts all the time and try out smaller concerts where lesser-known artists are playing. It’s a good way to expand your music tastes and discover new artists. SoFar Sounds concerts are usually under twenty dollars with discounted tickets for students. There is more excitement surrounding these concerts as they specific location is not announced until twenty four hours prior to the show and you don’t know who will be playing until you get there. 

10. Go to events at your local bookstore

More often than not, your local bookstore will hold author visits and talks with a small gathering afterward in which you can mingle. Other than getting to listen to something inspiring for free or a few dollars, there will also most likely be food and drinks at the event.

11. Look at museum events

Museums often have special programs after-hours such as stargazing or gallery openings. 


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