How do you save on… Transportation?

In this multi-part series we suggest different things to cut back on. Transportation is obviously a necessity within our lives, but there are several ways you can save big time on gas and your car every month. Check out these three ways to save using transportation:

Carpool to work- If you only had to drive ½ or ⅓ of the time then you would easily save on gas. A carpool would also mean riding to work with a friend, which could be fun and a stress reliever in the morning. Make sure to take advantage of carpool lanes on the highway too!

Plan your parking before a event-If there is an event you have coming up, such as a visit to a museum or a dinner in a popular area downtown then make sure to plan ahead. Spothero and other apps offerservices to find cheaper parking for you days in advance.

Use Public Transportation- Trains, busses, subways… need I say more. You would be amazed how much money you would save on gas, and your travel time may even be shorter.

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