How To Save During The School-week?

While you might be busy working for the weekend, it is important to remember to save all throughout the week. However, saving money shouldn’t be boring. Here are a few tips to help you ball on a budget and get you on the right track for a great weekend and a happy savings account.


Saving money should not be synonymous with being bored. Instead of movies, concerts, and other expensive nights out, get outside and enjoy some green space! Parks are generally free, and offer a great way to connect with nature and get some exercise. Joining a recreational league sports team and working on your fitness is a great way to meet people and have fun at the same time.


Carpooling and public transportation are necessary to shave a few extra dollars off your budget. Save some money, as well as the environment, while taking the extra precautions needed to have a thrifty commute. In addition to being cost efficient, carpools and a public transportation are a good way to build community. It will also give you time to listen to the newest Malcolm Gladwell podcast or even call your mother.


Dining out is one of the worst enemies of spending and saving smartly. Minimize eating out by cooking at home. If the idea of cooking most of your meals is overwhelming, have no fear! Pinterest is a godsend when it comes to learning the ins and outs of cooking. Find great recipes, infographics, and cute ideas all in one place! The process, while arduous, is not boring if you embrace the creative side of it. Also, as a bonus, feel free to show off your new found cooking skills to your friends and family. Throw a potluck dinner party at your house and you may be able to make a new tradition amongst your friend group.

Cutting corners does not need to mean going without. Trimming your budget through the week can actually be a very enriching experience. And who knows: maybe getting more exercise during the week and enjoying your own homecooked food just might make you happier than your weekly Chipotle run.

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