Guess These 4 Thing You Can do with Spare Change

Most people do not like to be burdened with change. Coins somehow find their way to the depths of a purse or squirreled away between couch cushions. Despite their interesting history, spare change fails to inspire excitement. If you‘re patient and careful in collecting spare change, you will find that there is a lot of potential in trading them for bills.

CoinStar + Coin Return Machines

For those unfamiliar with this tool, CoinStar is the change to bill kiosks found in most supermarkets and stores. It is not the most generous exchange (they charge a 10.9% service fee). However, you can easily end up with over $10 in cash.

Your bank may have a machine that operates in the same way as CoinStar and may even have more generous exchange rates. If you’re thrifty, you’ll be able to find many places to help you turn those pesky coins into paper.

Make It Fun!

Set aside your piggy bank for a special dinner with friends or a night out! Once a month, you can cash your stash and spend your hard saved coins on something nice for yourself. Next time you see a penny, on the ground imagine it contributing to your next wild night out. Apps like Digit are automatic savings apps that‘ll take any spare pennies and put them in an account. Additionally, ou’ll be able to access this savings account through the app and cash out when you’re ready.

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Save for Your Future
That change you have sitting between your couch cushions could be invested into a savings account or a retirement fund. Put that money to work through the magic of interest rates. When you are satisfied with the growth and feeling confident, you can even take it out and invest it in more lucrative investments.

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Penny Pinching Pays Off

Fortunately, many products and services marketed to college students are available for pennies on the dollar. Use your spare change to make these purchases and experience the awesome self-congratulatory feeling that comes with buying something like food or something you’ve been saving for with your pity pennies. Your mother would be proud to see you spent your money responsibly!

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