Student Jobs That Pay

A fairly recent survey from Citigroup exclaimed that now-a-days nearly 80 percent of college students take at least a part time job during the school year. With 12 hours spent daily on homework, 4 hours spent in the dining hall, 3 hours watching Netflix, and 2 hours explaining to Mom and Dad that everyone failed that test and/or paper, it seems that college students do not have the time to sleep let alone take on a job. However, the freedom to explore different entry level jobs, the ability to learn better time management skills, and the potential to offset tuition are all reasons as to why working a college job is a helpful and meaningful experience. For those of you looking for a student job that actually pays, look no further as we have a list of several positions with solid wages and skills that can definitely translate into the workforce. * All average salaries are according to and

Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

Average pay: $13.40/ hour

Short Description: Pet sitters provide daily care for animals while the pets’ owners are on vacation; allows the pet to feel comfortable even while their owner is away. Skills

● Animals are unpredictable, so handling conflict on the fly

● Comforting

● Able to market oneself in a different way than other pet sitters
Ex: or

Dining Hall Worker

Average Pay: $10/ hour Short Description: Handles serving and maintaining cleanliness within a dining hall. Skills

● Strong interpersonal skills when dealing with students

● Hard worker

● Know how to move around in a large kitchen


Teaching Assistant

Average pay: some do not pay, however other positions can be lucrative earning $12/ hour Description: Everyone has had a great TA; everyone has had an awful TA. Be the latter! Being able to help others succeed in a class is both rewarding and financially benefiting. Skills:

● Highly knowledgeable in the course being taught

● Excellent communication skills

● Organization when assisting the professor


Bank Teller

Average Pay: $11.54/ hour

Short Description: Accurately and efficiently processes routine transactions for bank customers including cashing checks, accepting deposits and withdrawals, processing loan payments and money transfers. Advertises the bank’s products and services. Skills

● Attention to detail

● Quick basic math

● Level-headed when dealing with customers


Administrative Assistant

Average Pay: $15.05/ Hour

Short Description: Essentially, administrative assistants assist in the daily running of a business. He or she usually works alongside a boss or any person with clerical or administrative responsibilities. Skills:

● A general understanding of how a business runs

● Ability to take detailed minutes

● Strong interpersonal skills when dealing with an employer and fellow employees

● Organized, organized, organized


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