1. How does Vola work?

  2. Think of Vola like a friend who’s got your back! We’ll advance you up to $200 at NO INTEREST.
    Vola will keep an eye out to make sure your bank balance does not get too low and alert you before it does so that you don’t pay overdraft or NSF fees. Furthermore, Vola will breakdown your spending pattern to help you budget your upcoming expenses and also find ways for you to save.

  3. Is Vola legit?

  4. Vola offers complete transparency and there are NO HIDDEN FEES.Vola operates by charging a subscription fee, there are no other charges.
    If the features offered by Vola are not compatible with your bank or phone, we will refund you your subscription fee.

  5. How do I delete my information on Vola?

  6. You can delete your banking and personal information on Vola at any time.
    To delete your information, please make sure you do not have an active advance, you have unsubscribed and log out. Vola will automatically delete all of your information.

  7. What kind of bank accounts are supported on Vola?

  8. Vola supports over 6000 banks and credit unions.
    To get the most out of Vola, you will need to connect a bank account that you use regularly.
    Vola will check to see if you have connected a bank that-
    -Is more than 3 months old
    -Has activity on most days of the week
    -Has an average balance of over $150
    -Has income/ deposits into the account

  9. How to add or change a bank account on Vola?

  10. You will be able to add or change a bank account when you DO NOT have an active advance.
    To change or add a bank account please –
    Navigate to the Profile Page > Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Add or Replace account”.
    The bank account on file cannot be changed more than once a week.

  11. How to add or change a debit/ credit card on Vola?

  12. To change the credit/ debit card on file please—Navigate to the Profile Page > Click on the Gear Icon on the top right corner > Select “Payment”.

  13. Why is Vola not connecting with a bank or debit/ credit card?

  14. Vola uses one of the nation’s largest bank connection providers to securely establish a link to your account.
    There can be issues connecting with specific banks during certain periods, so please try again after some time.
    If you are still not able to connect your bank, email us at hello@volafinance.com and we will try to help you resolve this issue manually.

  15. What is a Vola Score?

  16. The Vola Score is a way for you to see how well you are doing with your bank account.
    Your score will improve as you continue to use Vola, avoid paying NSF fees, keep your account balance up and read our content on financial literacy.
    You will be eligible for more benefits as you continue to improve your score.

  17. How to improve my Vola Score?

  18. The Vola Score is designed to increase as you improve your budgeting skills and maintain a healthy bank account.
    The quickest way for you to improve your score is to-
    -Use the Vola app.
    -Read content on managing your personal finances.
    -Keep your bank account active.
    -Improve the average balance on your bank account.

  19. How long does it take to receive an Advance?

  20. Vola initiates a transfer as soon as you request for it.This means that once you request for an Advance it should reach you in less than 24 business hours.
    We are working hard to make this process even faster.Vola will be adding a new same day transfer option and this will be FREE for all users!
    Please keep in mind that bank holidays can delay the transfer and we are more than happy to provide you with an extension in this case.

  21. Is it possible to cancel after requesting for an Advance?

  22. Vola initiates a transfer as soon as you request for it, so it is not possible for us to cancel an advance once it has been requested.You will be able to make a repayment as soon as you receive the funds.

  23. Why is the repayment taking so long to process?

  24. It takes up to 5 days for our payment provider to confirm that a transfer has been made.
    This is why Vola has a 5 day cool-off period before you can request for another advance.
    The withdrawal may show up on your statement before we get the confirmation from our payment provider.

  25. How to request for an extension?

  26. Vola allows you to change the repayment date directly from the app.
    You can request for an extension from 10 days before the existing repayment date.
    All you need to do is click on the “request extension” on the active advance.
    Please email us at hello@volafinance.com if you are not able to request for an extension from the app and we will be happy to help.

  27. How to make partial repayments or repay early?

  28. You can make make repayments at anytime.
    There are NO CHARGES OR FEES for an early repayment
    To make a partial repayment, please click on-
    “Make Payment” on the active advance > Click on “Custom Amount”.