How to Get Money Through Doing Surveys?

Ever had a couple of hours on your hands and wanted to make quick cash? Online surveys are a great way to make a little bit of side money to fund a night out. Here are some legitimate websites that we’d recommend you take a look at:


Swagbucks is one of the most popular websites for paid online surveys. You get $5 off the bat for taking your first survey! After that, you earn Swagbuck points, called SBs, for every survey you do, video you watch, or any other task you do. You can redeem these points for gift cards or cash via PayPal.

VIP Voice

VIP Voice has a bunch of different surveys you can take to earn points. You can then redeem these points in different gift cards or online promotions. If you log into this website a couple times a week, you can make up to $30 a month.


MyPoints is similar to VIP voice in that you can get gift cards from very popular stores for taking online surveys and polls. You can earn $5 after taking you first five surveys on this website.

Harris Poll

Harris Poll is one of the oldest online survey platforms. They have a variety of studies that ask for your opinions and require about 20 mins. of your time. They pay about $3-4. Sometimes they offer larger panels that can take up to 2 hrs, but can also pay up to $75!

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