How Vola can help you in the Holidays
Cash for the holidays

With only a week until Christmas and New Years around the corner, it is easy for your bank account to feel exhausted this time of year. From buying presents, visiting family, and eating out during travel, sometimes it feels like you spend more than you get to relax. Don’t let an exhausted bank account stop you from enjoying your holiday to its fullest potential. Let Vola help! A small cash advance can help you enjoy the holiday more and stress less. Need just enough to fill a tank of gas? Or enough to buy that last present? Vola can help with small cash advances ranging from $10-$500.

Need more money for new years? Or quick cash in your bank account before Christmas? That is what Vola is here for! Let us help you enjoy the most epic New Years celebration or make sure you make it home for the holidays.

How? It is easy. Just download the Vola app give us some information about yourself and get approved within hours for a small cash advance. Why? Because we understand. We understand what it feels like to be young, in college, and stressed about finances. So we built Vola for these situations. To help you build credit and enjoy college, and what better time than around the holidays!

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