Last minute Christmas shopping on a budget
Last minute Christmas Presents

With one week until Christmas, this is the ultimate rush for all last minute shoppers. Luckily for you, there is still an unlimited potential to get a great gift for an incredible price before the holidays. Let these three resources help you knock out all your holiday shopping….even if it is pretty last minute!

Amazon Prime– this one is pretty obvious since Amazon had become such a large online presence in the last few years. But, did you know that Amazon has student pricing for Prime accounts allowing you to enjoy all that Amazon Prime has to offer but for an even better price! With 2-day free shipping and endless shopping options Amazon Prime can still get your Christmas presents to you in plenty of time!

Ebates- An app like Ebates will allow you to get an even bigger discount on all purchases you make online! Simply enter the site through Ebates and then enjoy the rebate check that comes to you in a few weeks. This still allows you to get better pricing (even last minute) by offering cash back to hundreds of online resources!

Vola- The Vola app will allow you to take a cash advance between $10-$500 to make sure you can afford all those last minute presents with ease. Simply download the app, fill out the information, and have cash in hours! Interest-free and easy to use Vola will help you build your credit while buying gifts for whoever landed on your last minute list!

Happy Shopping!!

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