How to Save Money… at Home

It’s hard to change what you’ve been doing for ages, but there are so many surprisingly simple ways to cut down on your costs by changing a small habit. Here’s how a tiny change can save you tons of money at home.

Host your friends at your place

Invite your friends over at your place instead of going out. Clubs and restaurants overcharge for food and alcohol. You can have a potluck and get to eat and taste so much more food. And for alcohol, you can easily buy so much more for so much cheaper from a supermarket. Splitting all of these costs with your friends and then putting on a good movie or playing cards is much more fun than breaking your bank after a weekend out.

Check out the local flyer for sales

When you’re planning out your weekly meals, take a look at what’s on sale at your local supermarket. You can get inspired by the flyer, and save money by cooking or preparing cheaper meals.

Cancel memberships

Do you have club cards that you automatically renew every year? Does bulk buying once a year offset the cost of the yearly membership? Ask yourself how often do you go to that store, and if you even need that card. Often times you’ll realize that you save more money by not having that membership.

Make Lists

Everyone makes grocery lists, but sticking to them is key to saving money. Make sure that you don’t deviate from your list and buy unnecessary things that you’ll end up throwing out anyways.

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