Budgeting for a One-Income Households

Whether you are in a one-income household or not, if there is no financial structure, no budgeting system in place, no plan, they will feel the effects of financial stress.  But when a couple has a healthy conversation about money, great things can happen. They begin dreaming about their future and their children’s future. They talk about when and where they want to retire. If they want to travel, they can discuss where they want to go. This is why planning is key in order to maintain your family's finances.

You can check out our blogpost called "Financial Tips For Living In A One-Income Household" to get more helpful tips on how to budget and save.

Here is a quick quiz you can take to help you manage your finances as a couple:

1. When paying off debt the best method for your family is
2. Family Budget meetings are a time to
3. A family budget should be created by
4. An emergency fund is for
5. One of the most common reasons for divorce is money.
6. The best way to track your family’s expenses is through
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