How Valuable is a College Degree?

Every year, thousands of high-school students must make the decision to pursue another degree or to enter the workforce. At Vola, our mission is to give you advances on your earnings. In order to make sure we can provide you the best experience, we take into account both your work history, as well as, your educational background. But, for those who have to make the difficult decision to work or not, how valuable is a college degree?

Benefits of working right after high school:

Earn money instead of spending it

Gain independence

Gain life experience

Put more thought into your future career and life

Benefits of going to school:

Make a higher income compared to those who did not attend school

Have better benefits (health care, pension plans)

Better job opportunities

Job security

The value of a college degree will ultimately differ from person to person. However, making an investment in your future by receiving a degree will result in higher long term satisfaction, while working immediately after school will provide higher short term satisfaction.

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