Extra Ways to Make Money From Your Craigslist Sales

Many of us have clutter around our houses or apartments. For some, this can bring comfort, but for many, this clutter adds to our everyday stress. There are ways to turn this clutter into cash through sites such as Craigslist. Selling on Craigslist can seem simple, but there are certain rules to follow in order to better ensure that money ends up in your wallet. Here are some tips to follow when using Craigslist:

1. Tell the truth

It is important, to be honest in your listing. If an item such as your chair has stains or a table has dents in it, make sure to upload images that show these imperfections. Point out these imperfections to potential buyers in your description of the time. People will be more likely to buy an item if they feel like they have an upfront understanding of it. Many people will post the image of the piece of furniture or item from its website when it was brand new. Do not deceive people like this, and instead, take a photo of your piece the way it is. 

2. Take photos that work

A good photo will make your listing stand out. No buyer wants a bad photo where they can’t fully and clearly see the item. Make sure your object is in a well-lit spot and focus on the details when taking the photos. Also, make sure to only feature that item in the photo and make sure there are no items in the background of the photo. 

3. Make sure the description is detailed

Your listing can’t just be a photo and the name of the object you are trying to sell. You need to provide a detailed and relevant description that includes things such as the number of items, the age of the time, or dimensions. It is important that the description answers all potential questions a buyer might have so they don’t spend a long time thinking about whether or not to purchase the item. 

4. Offer delivery of the item

Buyers love it when sellers offer delivery of the item they are selling. It is an added perk and makes things easier for people who might not live in the same neighborhood. People are willing to pay a higher price for delivery, so make sure to add a delivery cost based on how far away you are. When delivering, make sure to be safe and aware of your surroundings. It might help to bring someone along with you to make the delivery. 

5. Stay simple

While you should share details about the item in the description of the listing, do not share personal anecdotes or your own experience with the item. Potential buyers know they are getting a user object, but many do not want the history that comes with it as they want to feel like it is their own. In addition, make sure your listing title is simple as potential buyers will often search for specific objects such as mirrors or bed frames and will not be searching with other adjectives. 

6. Reach out to your network

While Craigslist and social media are great to spread the word about what you are selling, word of mouth is just as, if not more powerful. Make sure to pass the news along to friends and family and post what you are selling on all of the social media platforms you are on. In addition, posting in certain Facebook groups could expose your listing to more people and raise the chances of someone buying. If you have someone specific in mind, send the listing to that person. Many times people who see an item do not need it for themselves but know someone else who would be interested. 

7. List the item at an appropriate price

Your listing really comes down to asking for the right price. Craigslist is filled with sellers who practically give items away as they just want it off of their hands, so it is better to price your listing at a lower price rather than a higher price. Interest is key, and if your price is listed too high, you might not have many takers. With this being said, make sure to price your item at a level that you are comfortable with. It might not be worth it to give something away if you have many memories with it and it has sentimental value to you. 

8. Make sure to be safe on Craigslist

Remember that you are interacting with strangers online on Craigslist. If a potential buyer is coming to your house or you are going to their house, make sure a friend is present with you. Do not assume that you will be fine if you are alone. Allowing a stranger to enter your property or entering a stranger’s house or apartment always comes with risk. It is better to meet in a public space if possible as it is better to be safe than sorry. 

With these simple tips, you could sell your things more quickly and for a higher price. You earn a little extra money and you get rid of some of the clutter in your life which might help to give you peace of mind. Ever since Marie Kondo and her minimalist method swept the nation, people have been obsessed with cleaning out their houses or apartments as they realize that they don’t need as many clothes, knick-knacks, dishes, etc. 



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