New and Improved | The Vola App
Vola | Loans for College Students

Here at Vola, we are constantly trying to improve our product to create an epic user experience. That is why in November of 2018 we re-launched the new and improved Vola app. Our new app is available to college students all over the United States and allows you to take out small cash advances and build your credit. So what is changed in the Vola app? Here are three things you can look forward to as you download the new app!

Proprietary Vola Score

The new app is equipped with a special algorithm that allows us to give you an individual and fair rate that continues to improve over time as you use the app and pay cash back. We call this your Proprietary Vola Score. Your Proprietary Vola Score is easy to monitor right from the app 24/7; this way you can see the changes in what cash advances are available to you from Vola.

Cash on Demand

Our new app works fast. Once you have filled out some basic information and are set in our system, you can link the app right to your bank account, making sure you can get cash whenever you need it with Vola. Choose your amount, choose your repayment date, and have cash within a few hours!

Flexibility paired with Online Support

Life is unpredictable—at Vola, we completely understand. That is why we have crafted the new app to be flexible and transparent. It is easy to restructure and refinance your payment date right from the app. Have a question? Our 24/7 support specialists are there to help you whenever you need it, making the new Vola app even easier to use.

We are always working to bring our product to the next level. Our #1 goal is making small cash advances more available to college students across the US to take away some of the financial stress of the college experience. What are you waiting for? Download the new and improved Vola app today to see how it can enhance your college experience.

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