How to Organize Your Finances

After graduating from college, it dawns on people that while they are no longer students they still have much to learn; there is truly no limit to the amount one can learn about personal finance. In this blog post, we are going to hone one of the most important skills any person with money can have—organization.

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  • Make a calendar

It is definitely overwhelming to pay credit card bills and rent on time, but making a calendar will surely assuage some of that anxiety. We suggest trying to pay back bills on the same day you receive them, and always know when every payment is due. Any computer will have a calendar built into their software, and this is easy to access and can be placed on your home screen so that you are always up to date on making your payments. Google also offers a phenomenal calendar that we highly recommend.

  • Get your online accounts in order

Everyone has copious amounts of online profiles and log-in credentials. These include your Facebook, brokerage account, and online banking profiles. If you do not know all of your passwords and usernames, then begin making a list in a notebook; we additionally recommend using a secure digital vault (such as IPhone notes) to list your passwords.

  • Make a budget, but allow for changes

The key word is allow for changes. It is understandable and expected for there to be changes to your budget. As long as you periodically check your budget, you will instill a sense of financial organization in your life and surely save and utilize your money better. Check out Mint to manage all of your finances in one spot and to help you create a solid savings strategy.

Organizing your personal finances is super important and there are so many different ways to do it. If you’d like an app to help you, here are our top 3 suggestions!

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