How To Save Money While Shopping For Clothes…

In another set of tips in the “How to Save on…” series, we are talking about clothes. Specifically, how can you stay in style without putting too large of a dent in your wallet and monthly budget.

  • Find Coupons Online

This is a simple way to finding deals at all of your favorite stores. Stay tuned on Vola’s Facebook and check out MoneyTalkNews deal page for the latest savings. While it may only be a few bucks off of a shirt or free shipping…that will still make all the difference.

  1. Washing Machines are your friend

Not to say that dry cleaners are not good people, but if you have to take your clothes to them every week then that will be highly costly. Stick to machine-washables and save a lot.

  1. Do not buy just for a sale

Even if a pair of pants has a 45% discount. If you are only wearing it 1% of the time then it is economically not worth it.

  1. Buy out of season

Simply put, the best time to buy ski gear is the summer. Also, who knows… maybe that will be the new style in a few years.

  1. Buy your basics generically.

Your basics include: undershirts, tank tops, boxers, etc. Spend money on that designer coat or designer shoes rather than something no one will ever really see.

  1. Share with friends

You will be able to have more style selections if you trade and swap clothes with a friend!

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