The Best Companies Where You Can Find Online Tutoring Jobs

If you find that you are talented at teaching, there are many online tutoring platforms that have created multiple opportunities to make money teaching students, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some companies that can help you teach and tutor online. 

1. Skooli

They offer to tutor for K-12 courses as well as college-level courses. People can be based anywhere in the world, but they have to have a bachelor’s degree in a related field, pass a criminal background check, and have solid communication and writing skills in English. Tutors for Skooli can log on and accept sessions in the present moment and they are paid a competitive wage per hour based on their qualifications and experience. 

2. TutorMe

This company offers 24/7 online tutoring for over 300 subjects as well as the GRE and the ACT. You must be currently enrolled or have already graduated from a university to be considered as a tutor and you also need prior tutoring/teaching experience and mastery in the subject that you want to teach. If you get hired, you get paid $16 an hour. 

3. TakeLessons

This company lets you create a free profile so you can teach things such as art, language, acting, dance, or music. Students can book you online through the platform and you can set your rates and the platform handles booking and payments for you. Subjects such as singing, language, acting, dance, and drawing are popular. They require potential tutors to fill out a profile detailing experience and you are required to complete a background check. 


They help K-12 students, college students, and adult learners and they offer tutoring in over 100 academic subjects. To work as a tutor, you must be at least a sophomore in college on the track to receive a four-year degree or have a four-year degree or higher. The company employs many teachers, graduate students, computer science experts, and math and science professionals as part-time tutors. Their services are 24/7 and tutors working for them can create a regular schedule, take established appointments, or pick unscheduled sessions. The pay rate depends on what subject you are tutoring. The average rate is between $9 and $13 an hour and other subjects like math can make you up to $26 an hour. When you apply to work for them you will need to take a subject test. 

5. Varsity Tutors

This company facilitates online learning through practice tests and study resources and live online classes. To apply you need to complete an online application, go through a phone or video interview and conduct mock tutoring sessions. They will then help you connect with clients and teach classes to live online or locally. They look for qualities in tutors such as exceptional teaching and communication skills and a friendly demeanor, prior teaching or mentoring experience, and expert-level knowledge of the subject you want to teach. In addition, they also look for people who have the ability to develop an individualized curriculum and people who have a history of academic excellence. 

6. Yup

Yup offers 24/7 online tutoring in math up to Calculus AB and ACT and SAT prep. To be an online tutor for them you will have to submit a written application and take exams so they know that you are qualified. You will also need to take part in a mock tutoring session. Tutors for Yup make between $10 and $14 per hour. 

7. VIPKid

As a tutor for this company, you give one-on-one ESL tutoring to students in China. You have to have a bachelor’s degree, but you can tutor from anywhere in the U.S. or Canada. Contracts usually last for six months and can be renewed. The base pay is $7 to $9 per 25-minute session, however, you also have the opportunity to earn incentives based on referrals and how many classes you finish in a month. 

8. Cambly

This company is one of the most flexible platforms for online English classes. They don’t require you to have a degree or prior experience and you don’t have to go through an onboarding process. You will need to create a tutor profile where people can find you and book lessons. An hour-long session makes you around $10.20. To qualify you to need a native level of English fluency and a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet. 

9. Boxfish

More than 5 million Chinese students use Boxfish to learn English. They give you course materials and lets you teach scheduled or on-demand classes with one to four students. Pay is $10 per 25-minute session or up to $20 per hour. You can teach through a laptop, computer, or smartphone as long as you have a high-speed internet connection. You need to have grown up in an English-speaking country and have a bachelor’s degree to qualify. 

10. Landi Subject English

This online tutoring job is a good job for any ESL tutor and if you become a tutor, you will be teaching English to Chinese students. If you want to apply you will need to commit 18 hours a week over six days a week and hold sessions between 6 a.m. and 9 a.m EST. Applicants also need to have a bachelor’s degree. If you meet these qualifications you will be paid $10 to $18 per hour. They also offer referral incentives.


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